How does he get to and from the event? Can we just pick him up?

Handsome Dan’s caretaker must be present for his appearances.

What is the timeline on requesting Handsome Dan?

Ideally, requests should be made at least one week before the requested appearance takes place.

How long can Handsome Dan attend an event?

In order not to tax the dog, the entire time for the appearance should be kept under an hour.

Our event is outside, what happens if the weather is not so good?

Handsome Dan’s appearances may have to be postponed due to weather.

What sorts of events are permissible?

Priority will be given to official University events, events with broad Yale appeal, or events in support of humanitarian causes.

How late does Handsome Dan stay up at night?

Because of schedules, requests for Handsome Dan to appear at events after 9pm are difficult.

Can Handsome Dan appear at any event on campus?

Handsome Dan should not be used to: promote issues that are contentious on campus, endorse particular candidates for office, or promote items for purchase.